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Faisal Khan

​​​​​​Teacher Profile​​
Name: Faisal Khan
Phone: 469-302-4364
Conf. Period: 2st Period (8:20am - 9:15am)
Tutorials: Mon. & Wed. (2:30pm -3:15pm)
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There are currently no upcoming events.

Take notes on videos P-10 thrugh P-15 for tomorrow's lesson (4/6)
Also a good video review of "sources of magnetic field" unit.
Electstatic and Circuits Practice Test.pdf
Current Reisistance and power.pptx
AP1 Oscillations.pdf
Waves and SHM Practice Test.pdf
Waves and Sound LectureSlides.pptx
Superposition and Standing Waves LectureSlides.pptx
Waves and Energy Transfer.ppt
SHM Problems with Numbers.pdf
SHM Problems with variables.pdf
SHM and Oscillations Lecture slides.pptx
SHM and Oscillations Clicker Quiz.pptx
Angular Momentum Problems Solutions.pdf
Rotational Kinetic Energy Problems Solutions.pdf
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