​​​Teacher Profile​​
Name: Rob Cochran
Phone: 469-302-4556
E-mail: rcochran@mckinneyisd.net
Conf. Period: 3rd period
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MAV List 3.6.2.docx
MAV List 3.6.1.docx
MAV List 3.5.2.docx
MAV List 3.5.1.docx
MAV List 3.4.2.docx
MAV List 3.4.1.docx
MAV List 3.3.2.docx
MAV List 3.3.1.docx
MAV List 3.2.2.docx
MAV List 3.2.1.docx
MAV List 3.1.2.docx
MAV List 3.1.1.docx
2014-2015 English II Pre-AP Syllabus.docx
2014-2015 English II GT Syllabus.docx
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