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​​​​​Contact Information​​
Name: Julie Lantiere
Phone: 469-302-7659
Conf. Period: 10:50-11:40 am
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Specials: Art, Music, and PE!
Veterans Day Song Lyrics 2016.docx
1-02 God Bless America (St. Voc.) p. 2.m4a
1-03 God Bless America (St. Perf. Tr 2.m4a
4-30 Voices of Pride, The (St. Voc.) p. 86.m4a
4-31 Voices of Pride, The (St. Perf. Tr.) p. 86.m4a
09 You're a Grand Ole Flag acc.mp3
4-22 America, the Beautiful_Let Free 2.m4a
08 You're a Grand Ole Flag.mp3
4-23 America, the Beautiful_Let Free 2.m4a
19-08 Star-Spangled Banner, The (St. 2.m4a
15-12 Star-Spangled Banner, The (St. Voc.) p. 415.m4a

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