​​​​​​Teacher Profile​​
Name: Sarah Kile
Phone: 469-302-6551
E-mail: skile@mckinneyisd.net
Conf. Period: 12:15-1:05

Thank you for visiting this site.  RJE teachers send weekly email communication to their parents that detail their learning targets and classroom updates. This website is used to meet the needs of the individual teacher and may include specific attachments in the document section. School events are advertised on our school website under the 'News & Calendars' tab athttp://www.schools.mckinneyisd.net/johnson/ . Please email me at skile@mckinneyisd.net if you have any questions or want to subscribe to my weekly email.
​Sarah Kile

8/23/2014 7:02 AM
There are currently no upcoming events.
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Solar System Study Guide.pdf
Science Fair Proposal Form.pdf
Science Fair Ideas.pdf
Science Fair Student Handbook 14-15.pdf
Empty Bowls Announcement.pdf
Science-Unit 3 Vocab Cards.doc
Math Vocab M-Z.pdf
Math Vocab A-L.pdf
September Specials Calendar.docx
Science-Unit 2 Vocab Cards.doc
Student AUP 2014-2015.pdf

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