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Margaret O'neal

​​​​​​​​​​Teacher Profile​​
​Name: Margaret O'Neal
Conf. Period: 8:00-8:45
​​Hi! I am the art teacher at Webb Elementary, one of the best little elementary schools in Mckinney!! I live 3 miles from my school and have been going there for​​ 23 years, ever since my 2 boys attended Webb. ​Art at Webb is about exploring the process of making art , art appreciation, stretching our imaginations, creativity, critical thinking skills and art skills. We want to think about our world and how we see it and how we can interpret what we learn to create unique art. We are finding out about ourselves and the world around us and having some fun too. ​

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​​​I make no bones about the fact that I am old school when it comes to certain things. After all I am old. But I've been around long enough to compare old and new ways of doing things and in some cases old is just better and makes more sense. ​ I notice many children these days need to work on their fine motor skills. If you have kids please limit the video games, buy some craft materials and make some stuff with your hands. (and not from a kit where everything is already made for you)Cutting, coloring, gluing and creating unique things are going to be better for your kids than moving a controller for a video game. I'm not saying do without but if that's all they do they aren't making the hand, eye connections necessary to develop certain parts of the brain. 
And if you sit down with your kids and teach them how to draw something they will remember that all their lives! So put down your phones for awhile and make some stuff. 
And if you really want to do your child a favor, get some of those old fashioned printing workbooks and teach them how to write letters correctly. It is painful to watch kids writing these days. ​
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